8 - 15.07.2018

The course is going to take place in a picturesque palace complex located at 60 km distance from Legnica, near Świdnica., 55 km from Wrocław:

Międzynarodowe Centrum Konferencyjne ”Krzyżowa”
Krzyżowa 7,
PL 58-112 Grodziszcze

In the picturesque village of Krzyżowa, located at 8 km distance from Świdnica and 55 km from Wrocław in the former property of the von Moltke family, we find a modern conference centre. The Palace from the 18th century and the other buildings around the courtyard create a unique ambience, and the location of the venue guarantees peace and quiet as well as contact with nature. Professional conference facilities and many possibilities of recreational activities make the centre a perfect place for work and rest.



WIESŁAW KWAŚNY - the Academy of Music in Cracow, concertmaster of Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra
ANNA RZYMYSZKIEWICZ (9-15.07.2018) - Music School No. 4 in Warsaw, Music School in Płock
KONRAD DRAGAN – Music School in Legnica

STEFAN TARARA - Bern Music Conservatoire, profesor Zakhar Bron assistant (8-12.07>


URSZULA MARCINIEC – MAZUR – the Academy of Music in Wrocław


MARIA PERADZYŃSKA-FILIP – Music Academy in Białystok, Complex of State Music Schools no 4 in Warsaw


ARKADIUSZ ADAMSKI – the Academy of Music in Katowice



The number of participants is limited and the order of application is decisive. If the entry fee remains unpaid, the organizers have the right to admit another person from the waiting list.

The cost of the course is 950 PLN (5 lessons)
The cost of the intensive course with a single professor is 1700 PLN (10 lessons)
* the exception is prof. Stefan Tarara:
- 1600 PLN + accommodation- ( 4 lessons)
- 3200 PLN + accommodation- ( 8 lessons)


The accommodation costs are paid separately. Accomodation with full board costs 45 euros per person per night. The accommodation costs you have to pay ONLY in Reception Krzyżowa ( not by bank transfer) Rooms are double with bathroom.

The stay starts with a supper on the day of arrival and it ends with a breakfast and dry provisions or breakfast and dinner on the day of departure.
The price for the stay is a special offer. The payment for the stay is collected on the day of arrival at the latest and is not to be refunded in case of a shorter stay or resignation from any of the meals.

If the date of the arrival differs from the one determined by the organizers, the participant is to mention this fact in the application form. Otherwise, they are to pay for the whole stay.

  1. Each participant attends guaranteed 5 lessons of 45 minutes *(prof.S.Tarara-4 lessons)
  2. Each participant has the right to work with the accompanist
    • children can have 4 meetings of 10 minutes
    • teenagers can have 4 meetings of 30 minutes
  3. Each participant has the right to give concerts.
  4. The participants are required to bring the accompaniment score, a music stand and a concert outfit with them.
  5. The course organizers do not take responsibility for accidents, thefts or damage of musical instruments. Each person is to take care and to protect their possessions.
  6. It is advisable for each participant to have medical expenses insurance.
  7. Participants under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. An attending person or a parent is to cover the costs of their accommodation and meals.
  8. Participants under 16 are allowed take part in the course without an attending person if their parents write an appropriate declaration in which they take full responsibility for the unaccompanied minor throughout the course.
  9. Accommodation on the first day of the course starts from 2 p.m. and the first meal is supper.
  10. The rooms are to be left until 10 a.m. and the last meal is breakfast. The participants can choose between dry provisions or dinner.
  11. The proof of the entry fee payment is to be sent until the 21st December on the following e-mail address: to 21.12.2017.
  12. Impresariat Artystyczny
    "Młody Paganini"
    ul. Matejki 13/4
    59-220 Legnica

    The entry fee of 500 PLN has to be transferred to the following bank account:

    Impresariat Artystyczny

    "Młody Paganini"

    ul. Matejki 13/4
59-220 Legnica
bank account PL08 1050 1748 1000 0090 7978 7074
    ING Bank Śląski S.A. SWIFT: INGBPLPW
    ul. Fryderyka Skarbka 2

      59-220 Legnica
    title transfer   OPŁATA ZA KURS (NAME , SURNAME)

  13. The entry fee will not be refunded in case of with drawal or non-attendance at the course.
  14. The rest of the payment is to be transferred to the bank account or to be made on the site on the starting day of the course.
  15. The participants are asked to write their e-mail address legibly as they will get the information about the acceptance of their application via e-mail.
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